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Open 10am-4am

The Roulette wheel consists of numbers 1 through 36, alternating colors of red and black, plus 0 and 00 which are green. The large payoffs that are possible from small wagers always stimulate the interest of the expert as well as the novice player. The object of the game is all about predicting where a little ball will come to rest after spinning around the rim of a Roulette wheel. The ball circles for as many as 40 revolutions, or as few as 4, while the carousel (middle bit with the slots in, or hub) spins continuously in the opposite direction. When the ball and carousel collide, the ball bounces randomly and eventually runs out of steam to rest in a slot with a number attached to it. That number is the winning one! Inside bets are made with non-value chips that you must purchase from the dealer prior to placing your bet. Outside bets are made with value chips or non-value chips. To bet, simply place your bet on the numbered layout.