IMAC • 2100 Airport Drive

Join us in our Bingo Hall for your chance to win our $250,000 JumbOneida game. See the complete list of Bingo Daily Jackpots.

You must be 18 years of age to enter Bingo Hall. Complete bingo hall rules.

See our bingo schedules and prices. 


Bingo Express AM Session
Sales start at 8:30AM, Regular Session 10:30AM-1:00PM

Bingo Quest PM Session
Monday–Wednesday • Sales start at 4PM, Early Birds 6PM, Regular Session 6:30pm-9:30PM

Regular PM Session
Thursday–Friday • Sales start at 4PM, Early Birds 6PM, Regular Session 6:30pm-9:30PM
Saturday–Sunday • Sales start at 3PM, Early Birds 5PM, Regular Session 5:30pm-8:30PM

Nite Owls is not being offered at this time. 

For safety, the Bingo Hall now has 365 seats available (down from 738).  This Limited Seating may result in us reaching capacity and restricting sales. 

Your safety, and that of our team members and the wider community, is our most important consideration. To ensure it, we have implemented new safety measures and cleaning protocols:


  1. Face masks required
  2. No smoking or vaping allowed in the bingo hall
  3. No sharing of Daubers or Supplies
  4. Temperature checks at customer entrance and employees entrance
  5. Sanitation stations set up throughout bingo hall
  6. Plexiglass dividers on shared bingo tables
  7. Plexiglass dividers at Cashier, Bash Booth, Pay Master, Paper Room, Vault
  8. Customer counters sanitized after each transaction
  9. Credit Card readers sanitized after each transaction
  10. Employee Work Stations sanitized at beginning and end of shift
  11. Physical distancing requirements; floor decals placed throughout bingo hall
  12. Bingo Customer Entrance ONLY
    • One door entry in Main Lobby and
    • One door entry in Bus Lobby 
  13. Health question screening at entrance to IMAC for employees 
  14. Mandatory COVID training for all returning bingo employees
  15. Bingo hall and equipment is treated with BIOPROTECT – for disinfection and durable long term antimicrobial protection 


6-Pack Entry $16
6-Pack Extra $10
9-Pack Entry $19


6-Pack Entry $19
6-Pack Extra $10
9-Pack Entry $22

Nite Owls

6-Pack Entry $11
6-Pack Extra $5
9-Pack Entry $14

Prices for bingo variation games and specials posted in Bingo Hall.